About us

Welcome to Kapital Bit, where transformation meets consultancy in a realm of innovation, strategy, and excellence.

Our vision is clear—At Kapital Bit, we envision a future where businesses transcend their limits, embracing a culture of continuous improvement, technological prowess, and sustainable growth.

Kapital Bit strives to be the catalyst for positive change, fostering innovation and excellence.

Our Mission

We are committed to guiding organizations through transformative journeys, equipping them with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Our Story

Founded by Sammy Matebane, a seasoned entrepreneur, transport specialist, and consulting engineer, Kapital Bit emerged from the desire to revolutionize the consulting landscape. Sammy’s extensive experience across diverse industries laid the foundation for a consultancy that goes beyond conventional norms.

Experience That Sets Us Apart

With a rich history of leadership roles in renowned organizations, Sammy Matebane brings a wealth of experience in manufacturing, operations, engineering, and entrepreneurship. His journey includes pivotal roles like Chief Executive Officer at Tshwane Rapid Transit, Executive Chairman at Seas of Sea Horses Holdings, and National Technical Manager at Autopax, among others.


2020 - 2022

University of Johannesburg

Master of Business Administration - MBA, Entrepreneurship

2012 - 2016

University of Pretoria

Master’s Degree, Technology Management

2010 - 2011

University of Pretoria

BSC Honors, Management

2010 - 2010


Management Development Program

2006 - 2008

University of Johannesburg

Bachelor of Technology - BTech, Mechanical Engineering

Our Services

Navigating Decentralized Finance

Decentralized finance is critical in today’s landscape. Our services guide companies and individuals in due diligence, research, and understanding areas like staking, NFTs, and leveraging opportunities.

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Your One-Stop Crypto Shop

Navigate the world of cryptocurrencies with confidence. From project reviews to scam detection, we guide you through genuine projects, decentralized versus centralized exchanges, and the safeguarding of your assets.

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Demystifying Foreign Exchange

We debunk myths around forex trading and related services. Through education and financial literacy programs, we empower individuals and businesses to navigate the forex space with confidence.

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Building Trust in a Trustless Environment

Explore the potential of blockchain beyond cryptocurrency. Our services assist companies in building solutions that enable trustless environments. From user requirements to permanent solutions, we are your blockchain partner.

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Elevate Your Success Journey

Embark on a personalized coaching experience designed to unleash the unicorn within you. Our certified coaches utilize tried and tested methodologies, guiding you toward greater heights in both personal and professional realms.

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Crafting Your Path to Success

Craft winning strategies grounded in entrepreneurial spirit and attention. Whether you’re an individual shaping life goals or a business outlining its masterplan, our scientific methods, certified by industry leaders, ensure a roadmap for enduring success.

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