She has earned R200,000 up to March 2018. She has qualified as a Builder in February 2018 having only done the referral program since December 2017. Income earned from passive investment is R120,000 and R80,000 from the referral program.

Invested R11,000 in November 2016
Deputy Director, Mputle Seloane

His businesses are doing well and he was involved in other Network marketing businesses. In a period of 12 months, he has concentrated his energies on the Bitclub business and set up an office in Jane Curse Limpopo. He mines and trades Cryptocurrency.

Invested in April 2017 just as a part time
Practicing Attorney and CEO, Ratale Mashifane

There are 4 stockvels that have invested in Cryptocurrency through Bitcoinkapital. All were earning 10% maximum per annum through conventional banks. They are all earning between 5% and 15% per month in Bitclub. We cannot divulge their names as we needed permission from all members.

Invested R200,000 and earned R13,000 on day one
Electrical Engineer, JCharles Magolego

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